Back those days I used to knock at your door,
never worried you won't open up anymore.
I used to wave my goodbyes every now and then,
wish I could do that again.

I always had my own ways and means,
we didn't shared the same kind of dreams,
our lives were linked in some twisted ways,
but that was then, back in the days.

If we'd run into each other now,
we'd be just strangers somehow,
we wouldn't know how to look at each other at all,
never figure why we fall.


There is a shadow all around,
echoes of a love I haven't found.
There is a face in the dark,
a faded image I can barely mark.

Words & Music: Michael Michaelis

Michael: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Cymbals, Percussion, Wave Drum (Bass Drum, Toms).

Recorded, edited, and mixed proudly using Cubase.

(Last Update: 29.9.2017)

[All Rights reserved. © Michael Michaelis, 2016]

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