Red Lights Behind

Different places, some dark, some light,
good or bad, wrong or right,
but it's not up to you to decide,
you can't place yourself on either side.

Where you'll go is in the blind,
all you see is red lights behind,
when moving fast all you want is look ahead,
but a blurred image of the past is all you get.

There is an angel, a storm blowing into her face,
a storm coming from the past at disturbing pace,
she's bowed down in mourning sorrow,
'cause all she wants is to turn around, to catch a sight of tomorrow.

That angel is falling thru time,
(same destiny as yours or mine,)
all she wants is to look ahead,
all she sees are the ashes of the past instead.

[Verses 3+4 are paraphrasingWalter Benjamin's remarks on a painting of Paul Klee, “Angelus Novus”.]

Words & Music: Michael Michaelis

Michael: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Violin (String Sections), Piano, Bass, Cymbals & HiHat, Wave Drum (Bass Drum, Snare), Percussion (Caxixi, Tambourine, Bamboo Cata).

Recorded, edited, and mixed proudly using Cubase.

(Last Update: 26.12.2016)

[All Rights reserved. © Michael Michaelis, 2016]

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