Songtext - Lies

I'm an honorable merchant, and all I tell is true,
the best friend I ever found is you,
give me some money for my fairy tale,
'cause I'm poor and have nothing but my lies on sale.


Everybody lies
just as well as everybody dies.
But it's not a lie if truth would kill,
but even so remains an empty space a liar cannot fill.


I'll tell you stories of a better future for us all,
I'll lead you there if you make the call,
voice your wishes and I tell you every lie,
'cause I want that power, your applause as alibi.

I love you is what I want you to believe,
I make a vow I'll never leave,
I know it better since you're not my first,
but you'd lie the same if the roles would be reversed.

[Written tonight in my Riad in Marrakech. The first verse has a subtitle: "The Merchant In The Souks"]

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