Songtext - Child Of My Time

My hometown is surrounded by a city wall,
bound to a sphere dim-witted and small.
It's a place called modern times,
which was a good place betimes.


I'm a child of my time,
bound by rules that aren't mine,
mother history teaches me what's true,
father zeitgeist commands me what to do.


The world is on a mad doctor's spin,
the black hats are about to win.
I'm not wearing white either, though,
I play my role in that all-embracing show.

My hat is well-fitting and gray,
I want a living, so I have to stay
mingling with the bad guys,
becoming part of their lies.

The world is covered by a translucent sheet,
which carries more weight than you'll ever concede,
people fight it, but no one ever wins,
it's a sheet made of our fathers' sins.